Parish of Cove St John’s, St Christopher’s and Southwood

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Welcome to the Church of England parish of Cove in North Hampshire, in the Diocese of Guildford, with its three churches: St John's, St Christopher's and Southwood.  

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You can listen to Rev Steve Stewart’s song In The Centre of the Circle written and performed by Steve (produced by Mick Bowles, who also played the guitar solo)

You can read here Rev Steve Stewart’s address to the Cove Parish PCC and CVGs Away Day at Stockton House on 6 March 2010 on In Christ, In Church: What It Means to be Human

Cove Parish Evening Worship Service Survey…

We are planning a Cove Parish Evening worship service to be held at St Christopher's Church starting in January 2015, but we need your help! One of the most important factors for us to consider is what time you would prefer the evening service to start- so we have chosen some possible times that would work on a practical level and would appreciate your feedback  which can be given here

“Chasing the Myths - Faith and Science”

Monday 29th September at 8pm

At St Christopher’s, Cove Road

Prof Brian Cox wrote … ‘The scientific project is ultimately modest; it doesn’t seek ultimate truths and it doesn’t seek absolutes, it simply seeks to understand’,  and yet the message being actively put about by some is that science implies truth implies atheism. The time is ripe for Christians to improve their grasp on  the debate, and to offer an apologetic (a line of argument to explain) that not only shows that faith is plausible in the light of scientific enquiry but that there are mutually beneficial insights between science and theology.

In this session, I will give an introduction to the debate and offer some examples of how science and theology together enrich our understanding of the world and universe in which we live. St Christopher's on Cove Road, Monday 29th September at 8pm.  Do call me if you have any questions - 01252 544544.

Jeremy Tyndall

Rector of Cove Parish