Services back in the building

Sep 2, 2020

We are delighted to be able to resume services in the church buildings. All services in the building will adhere to the latest social distancing rules from the Government and the Church of England.

From the 6th September, each Sunday we will be meeting at St John’s and Christ Church for services in the buildings and continuing to meet online. St John’s will be at 9:30am and Christ Church will be at 10:30am. All services online or physical will have the same sermon.

The number of people attending will be limited so you need to sign up in advance, below the video the next 2 services, which can be signed up for here. If you have attended a service in the building recently please can you give consideration to letting other people have an opportunity to attend before you return again.

Gemma and Steve have produced a couple of videos about returning to our church buildings for worship. One for each of the churches, the Christ Church video was produced in August and St John’s in September so they reflect all the rules and regulations in place at that time. In fact the rules are changing all the time! 

If you are unable to complete to sign up for the services below, or you have any questions please contact the parish office on 01252 371804 or info@parishofcove.org.uk

Christ Church

St John’s

Book for the services