Ignite Christmas With Urban Praise Project

On Sunday 12th December Ignite are delighted for the first time to welcome Urban Praise Project to the Parish of Cove. They will be leading us in worship to celebrate Christmas.

Tickets are available below.

About UP Project


The UP Project came together from the desire to seek a fresh style of corporate worship. Envisioned to hear worship music that sounded like their favourite secular tracks the collective set out to develop an edgy, urban sound through 'mashups' that bridge the sacred/secular divide, and provide a spiritually engaging and freeing experience.

While leading the Hungry venue at New Wine, the team began to play with different samples and tracks to produce a raw, loud and dynamic sound. They then went onto Urban venue at New Wine and began to craft a new sound that would engage those who lived or worked in urban settings. The group experimented with ways in which they could push the boundaries but at the same time keep people engaged, crafting and honing their style and sound over a mixture of Christian conferences as well as specific praise party evenings.


Through this, in the summer of 2016, the Urban Praise Project officially formed and with it a vibrant sound and experience designed to make you jump, dance and sing your heart out to the Lord.

We've crafted and honed our style and sound over a mixture of Christian conferences and events that have included the Hungry and Urban Impact venues at New Wine and The Pursuit 24/7 Worship Gathering. We've lead both 'standard' times of worship, as well as specific praise party evenings. Alongside the mashups that we will continue to produce, we are also now writing our own material


The UP Project provides an arena to party and celebrate God with one another, enabling people to worship and be set free to glorify Him. We feel there is so much space to be freer in worshiping God in sung praise as the 21st century church. We want to have a party with God, be loud, dance, celebrate, let our hair down, and give it all to Him. You will dance. You will sing. You will jump. This is a promise.

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