Weekly Worship from the Parish of Cove

In March 2020 worship services in Parish of Cove changed due to the Corona Virus lockdown, we now have weekly online worship and fellowship in addition to the in person services (when local restrictions allow).

Cove Kids

Jesus is born

Join us for more fun at Cove Kids as we continue looking at the Christmas story today, on the last Sunday of advent with the story of Jesus’ birth. We would love you to join us from 9:45am and why not invite your friends and family to join us too by sharing this! Please download the colouring sheets from our website https://www.parishofcove.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/FB_Birth_Jesus_Preschool_BW.pdf #beingfamily #onefamilytwohomes #comfortandjoy

LIVE Sunday Morning Worship from Christ Church

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Worship with us through; prayer, sung worship, fellowship and exploring God's word together. Please worship with us tomorrow at 10am on Facebook with live chat or from 7:30am on YouTube. We will be worshipping as family through; prayer, sung worship, fellowship and exploring God's word together. This week Gemma is leading the service and the Bible reading (by Jackie Stone) is taken from Isaiah 40 v 1 - 11 (https://www.bible.com/bible/113/ISA.40.1-11). Steve Stewart is speaking and leading the sung worship with Andrew Hyde singing our closing song. Janet Whitlock is leading our time of prayer. #beingfamily #onefamilytwohomes #comfortandjoy CCLI Number: 225808 Streaming Number: 58166

Cove 7pm

Carol Service

Please celebrate Christmas with us on Sunday 13th December at 5pm on Facebook, YouTube or use our phone service on 0125-929013. We have arrangements of carols, involvement from local schools, a video about our involvement in the community and a Christmas message. #beingfamily #onefamilytwohomes #comfortandjoy


Our Facebook Page also contains all the latest news, details of events, services and a growing archive of videos. We live stream to Facebook and premiere pre-recorded services each week.

We also have a thriving community group on Facebook for members of our Church Family.

If you don’t want to use Facebook that is fine, please use our YouTube channel or this website.
Parish Facebook Page
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