Our Online Services on Sunday 18th October 2020

Sunday 18th October Online Services

Cove Kids starts at 9:45am

The Helpful Servant – Cove Kids

Join us for more fun at Cove Kids. We will hear the story of the helpful servant. We will also sing a couple of songs. We would love you to join us from 9:45am and why not invite your friends and family to join us too by sharing this!

Please download the colouring sheets from our website https://www.parishofcove.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/FB_LS_Naaman_Girl_BW.pdf


Thanks to www.freebibleimages.org and Richard Gunter for the images

Sunday Worship starts at 10:00am

Greatest Commandment ; Love God

Join us as we worship through; prayer, sung worship, fellowship and exploring God’s word together.

This week we continue our new series looking at the Greatest Commandment. Jackie Stone is leading the service and the Bible reading (by Joanna Hyde) is taken from Deuteronomy 6 v 1-9 (https://www.bible.com/bible/113/DEU.6.1-9). Steve is speaking on “Love God”. Andrew Hyde is leading the sung worship and Steve Stewart sings our closing song. Jay Butcher goes out for a walk for our prayers. Steve Stewart interviews Sue Brown about the role of Children’s and Youth area lead in the Parish of Cove.


Cove 7pm


Join us for this week’s 7pm when Cat Beadle will be sharing some more thoughts on Peace. Steve is back for #lockdownlife and is talking to Tony Beadle. Rhiannon and Tony are singing together again tonight before we jump onto Zoom for a discussion!

Our 7pm is the focal point for our 20’s & 30’s community where we join together to worship, share our experience from life, explore life issues and what God’s Word has to say before we wait on His Spirit and then discuss it all over a coffee or a glass of wine as we hang out in the second half. Come and join the journey!

We start the evening together with some input and time for worship – you can catch this on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. We’ll have a time of worship, our regular feature #lockdownlife where someone who is part of the congregation will share their take on the topic from the evening (and life in lockdown), a short talk and space to wait on God’s Spirit. Then if we have not covered enough social media platforms already we take it over to zoom, where we’ll hang out a bit more and as part of this mull over, discuss and hear from each other on the evenings topic.