Vacancy - Team Rector 

A Note from the Churchwardens

Welcome to the Parish of Cove and thank you for prayerfully considering if God is calling you to serve here.

The congregations of the Parish of Cove are very warm and welcoming, representing a full spectrum of the community in the Parish, as well as drawing in worshippers more widely from the surrounding areas.

For the last 25 years we have been a vibrant united Parish with three churches. This came about when Southwood church was planted, and each church has developed a unique DNA. During that time the Parish of Cove has grown in maturity and unity as a church family that provides a welcoming and joyful home to a rich diversity of Christian traditions and approaches. We have also developed in maturity and unity as a parish.

As our community has grown, we have tried not to lose sight of our vision for a church which reaches out to the community around it, providing a place of welcome and hospitality to people from all walks of life.

Following the early retirement of our Rector after a prolonged illness, we have regrouped and have begun with greater clarity to seek God's vision for the future of our Parish. What emerged was an exciting vision born out of both necessity and faith that we could bring together and join two of our churches - moving from a Parish with three churches to a parish with two.

This vision has largely been met with excitement as people have increasingly realised that our two churches of Southwood and St Christopher's have been moving towards a complementary working partnership. Already was have some common areas of shared ministry highlighting how our different gifts complement one another. We are now in the position where we are ready to unite, and feel that it is important for our new Rector to have the task of leading us through this process.

As you read through our profile, we hope that you will prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to take on this key role in the next chapter of the Parish of Cove.

The role is a challenging one, but we know that, for the right person, it has the potential to be deeply rewarding. We are certainly excited about what God has in store for our future.

Kirsty Paddon, Jacquie Snuggs, Julia Ruskell - Church Wardens

Parish Profile

Please Click Here for the Parish Profile and be assured of our prayers for you as you discern God’s will for your future.

Interview dates are 14th January to 15th January 2019