St Christopher’s Building for the Future!

Catching the Vision...

The Parish has been adapting to its changing context ever since it was founded. It was in 1841 that a committee was established to raise the money to fund a new church building and the services of a permanent clergyman. There were delays and difficulties but these were overcome and the church of St John's was dedicated in 1844 to serve the ecclesiastical district (later parish) of Cove and South Hawley 

St Johns Cove

Ten years later, in 1854, the Government purchased several thousand acres of land centred on the hamlet of Aldershot to establish the first permanent army training area and. Now the population began to increase quite rapidly with most of the development being in the area we now often refer to as Cove village, well away from St John's. With the coming of war in 1914 the government purchased more land to the north of Cove Common and in 1917 the Rafborough estate was built to house workers at the rapidly expanding Royal Aircraft Factory. It was now clear that a new church was required in this part of Cove and St Christopher's was established in a temporary building and dedicated in June 1918, the present permanent building being completed in 1934, and here it is today...

St Cs Cove

In 1994, a third worship centre was established in Southwood...

southwood community centre


St Cs Cove 2

Our lovely church is as it is because it has evolved.  The extension and new entrance way in the 1980s; constructing the Angels Annex; the Reordering, refurbishment and new floor ten or so years ago ... so what next?

st cs building plans

These plans have been on display and many of us will already be familiar with them.  Just to summarise:

A modest extension giving a new kitchen fit for purpose, more and enhanced meeting space and improved toilets. This   includes better storage, but there is never enough! So...

Looking at the chancel – part of this will be screened off to provide decent storage! But not to block the east window and we will consider some options to enhance this too (the wonderful tall but thin window at the end of the chancel).

We also hope to enhance the old choir vestry / outer office to create a “fit for purpose” area for our great flower arranging team alongside our worship resources store.

how much - st cs building

There are opportunities to phase the work, though that would make the project more expensive in the long run.

The steering group will also be inviting ideas about improving the heating and lighting, and to consider our eco footprint. These items would be at additional cost, although this may be offset by savings in our energy bills over time.

So how do we meet the finacial challenge?

  • Prayer
  • Hard work – fundraising.   We have already raised £3K!
  • Generous Giving  Godly provisionwe have already had an anonymous donation of £16K which is being gift aided!
  • Donations and Pledges     
    • We will be hearing in the coming months about how we can participate!
    • A Gift Day can be held
  • More hard work as we seek external funding especially in support of the substantial community use of our building   J 

You can also help by offering time and skills. For example, we need 

  • People willing to explore grants and write applications! 
  • People with expertise to review the developing plans!
  • People to be involved in the administration of fundraising and to assist with fundraising projects and events!
  • Good ideas!
  • And ..... anything we may not have thought of!