Searching Registers - Marriage and baptism records at Cove

Searching for Family Records

If you're looking for Baptism, Marriage or Funeral records, we will try to help you as much as we can in Cove. We hold records for the following years:

Registers at St John's Church Cove

St Johns' Baptism registers: July 1952 - 1987, 1987-present  
Banns registers for Cove: 1990-1995, 1995 – 2002, 2002-present
St Johns' Marriage Registers: July 1966 – present; no.13 1989-1996, no.14 1996-2009  (plus duplicate copy). no 15 2009 - present
Marriage Certificate books: Oct 1990-present (8 books); 2000  to present.  Mostly stubs.
Register of Services: May 1984-present: 1984–1994,  1994-2000,   2000-2001,  2001-present 
Terrier and Inventory: Feb 1989 and July 1995
Burial registers: April 1940 - Sept 1958 (blue folder) Apr 1940 - Sept 1958 (blue ledger)  
*An older book which may not be official as these dates are listed in the History Museum.
1963 -1992,   1992 to Present (2 books) Jan 1950 - Sept 1958 (dark red "Cash Book")
Sept 1963 - May 1992.  May 1992 – present

Registers at St Christopher's Church Cove

St Christopher’s Baptism Registers: 1988 – present 
Confirmation Register for Cove Parish: 1954 – present
St Christopher's Marriage Registers: 2001 – present
Quinquennial Reports: 1991 to 2012
Register of Services: January 1989 – present

War Memorials at St John’s

The Cove parish churchyard contains two war memorials of historical significance:
the Boer War Memorial in the churchyard and the First World War memorial in the church building.

Surrey History Service

If what you require is not here, our early records have been deposited with the Surrey History Service in Woking: in October 2016, they held the following original registers. They will allow you to inspect microfiche copies in Woking and Winchester.

Registers at Surrey History Service in Woking from St John's Church Cove

St Johns' Baptism registers 1844-1952

St Johns' Marriage registers 1845-1966

St Johns' Burial registers 1844-1963

Registers at Surrey History Service in Woking from St Christopher's Church Cove

St Christophers' Baptism Registers 1943-1998

St Christophers' Marriage Registers 1935-2001