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I want to get married in church -what should I do?

Congratulations!  It’s wonderful that you are thinking about getting married in the Parish of Cove.  We look forward to meeting you in due course as a member of our Team will come alongside you to help you plan your very own special wedding. Your first question may well be, “can I marry in this or that church building?” - the Church of England has provided a web site to answer (hopefully) all your questions, from the legal to the practical and more. 

In the meantime, please get in touch with our Parish Administrator, Caroline, on 01252 371804 or email the parish office. Caroline will make an appointment for you with our Wedding Administrator, who will explain the process to you more fully and will start the process rolling by giving you a form to fill in. She will also talk you through residency issues if you live outside our Parish but wish a marriage by connection.

After this, we will be in touch with you.  If you are divorced, we will talk you through the various issues surrounding your divorce and each application will be taken on its own merits.

We hope this is helpful and I wish you every blessing as you prepare to get married.