St John's Life Groups

You are invited to join a Life Group!

The aim of our Life Groups is to provide an environment where we can grow in our Christian Discipleship as we seek to study the word together and grow in our love for one another...

I am so aware that a lot of you have so much going on in your lives and I am also aware that I can’t always give you the support that you need.  If you belong to a Life Group, I can rest assured because I can be confident that you won’t fall through the cracks.  It is primarily through small groups that we seek to provide sustainable care and connection, accountability and spiritual formation here at St John’s.

A few testimonies about belonging to a Life Group

“I always talk to God first thing in the morning and last thing at night and throughout the day.  I learnt to do that in my small group.”

“We have found belonging to a life-group has given us both fellowship and a good insight into God's word and purpose for us.  We feel we are also learning from the group how to put the relevance of God's word into practice in our everyday lives.”

“A place where lives are shared, relationships are formed and deepened, and where Christ is experienced in the reality of daily life.  It is church in microcosm."

“Everyone is made welcome, we are friends, we support each other and our families in time of need, we pray for each other, recognise how the Bible is applicable to our lives today and above all learn more about a selfless Father who
allowed His Son, Jesus, to die on the Cross to save us all”


Currently, St John’s Life Groups meet as follows:

1. Tuesday 8pm Lisa Harris (Weekly)

2. Wednesday 9:30am approx. Elaine Bateman (07917 442920) (Meet every other week, starting 10 September)

3. Wednesday 8pm in the Committee Room, Church Hall (Offers of venue welcome): Ann Robinson

4. Thursday 8pm Sandy Gordon (Weekly)

5. Friday at 1:30pm Jackie Stone (Weekly)

Like to know more?

For more details please contact Ann Robinson by phone or email