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Farnborough Foodbank

What is Farnborough Foodbank?

Farnborough Foodbank is part of a national network of food banks, giving out nutritionally balanced emergency food to people in crisis.

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How does it work?

Food is donated by the General Public (see list of food below).

We partner with front-line care professionals who identify people in crisis and give them a voucher.

The voucher is taken to St Christopher’s Church at Cove on either Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excepting Bank Holidays) from 12:00 noon to 2:30pm, where people will receive a warm drink and enough food for three days.

The Foodbank will also put people in touch with agencies who can help resolve the underlying causes of their crisis.

On occasions, The Foodbank will take food-packs to those people who are unable, through special circumstances, to access the food-centre during its opening hours.

Typical Contents of a Foodbank Box:

• Tinned vegetables

• Tinned meat

• Tinned fish

• Tinned fruit

• Orange Juice

• Powered milk

• Sugar

• Tea/Coffee

• Cereal

• Pasta

• Rice

• Rice Pudding

If you can help with supplying some of this food, or if you need help, please contact us on:

01252 331668 or Email: info@farnborough.foodbank.org.uk