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Where and when does Southwood Church meet?

Our main meeting is at 10am on a Sunday in Southwood Community Centre next to Morrison’s Supermarket, Links Way, Southwood, Farnborough, Hampshire. Tea, coffee, children's drinks and biscuits are served after the service. There is more than ample parking (including parking for the disabled) right next to the church in the large free car park. We welcome wheelchair users, and all areas of our worship centre are wheelchair friendly, including an accessible toilet. We usually have a free breakfast from 9:45 AM (just before the service) on the last Sunday of the month, while on the 2nd Sunday of the month we offer free tea, coffee and muffins from 9:45 AM (see diary page). All are welcome to join us to eat, whether you are visitor or a regular member of Southwood church.

What else happens?

We have a good diary of events, from church walks to Christian basics courses, barbecues, the ACE youth club on Friday evenings other youth events; Smilers -our baby and toddler group; church parties; Each year a group of the Southwood Church family attend the New Wine Christian festival, and Southwood Church is part of the NewWine Network.

Is Southwood Church growing?

Southwood Church has grown much over the last few years. We think this is down to good solid Bible teaching and a friendly, kind congregation. It is a good place to be! Children are really important to us because they are part of present and our future. Southwood Church now has 6 house groups, attended weekly by about 50 of our adult members. We are committed to being at the heart of our community at Southwood and giving it the best. One of our most valued links in the community is with Southwood Infants School. We also have good relationships with Rushmoor Borough Council, especially as we work towards the provision of a new Southwood church building for the future.

What actually happens in a service?

 • Steve our vicar, or another of our worship team leads     • We sing songs led by our band    • We learn what the Bible has to say     • Someone leads prayers  • Our Healing Ministry Team often prays for those who ask for God's healing    • We have fun together    • Once a month or so we have breakfast from 9:45am for anyone and everyone, but it’s fine if people don’t arrive until around 10am as well.

Like to know more?

Just come along on a Sunday for our 10am service or contact Southwood Church by phone or email.