A Brexit Thought

A personal reflection from the Team Rector, Rev Jeremy Tyndall

We are sailing in unchartered waters. Times of transition are often also moments when there is a greater openness to the Gospel. But such times are also opportunities for evil to embed. Any major campaign can produce strange bedfellows with whom it is difficult to disengage. Any campaign can unleash negative as well as positive movements, indeed may play into hitherto underlying forces. 

Whether we are pleased or disappointed at the Referendum, we are seeing and will see challenges as well as opportunities, and a period of many uncertainties through which good choices will need to be made every step of the way. But these do not happen by accident. This is why we cannot just sit on the sidelines, remember the famous saying from our forebears – The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.  

We must :

Heed the advice of Micah 6:8...  
To act justly, to love mercy and walk humbly with our God
Pay special attention to the command to love our neighbours as ourselves.
Be informed, 
Engage with our democratic processes and 
Support and pray for those whom we elect.

       The Church of England have offered this prayer for us to use...

Guide our nation in the coming days
through the inspiration of your Spirit,
that understanding may put an end 
to discord and all bitterness. 
Give us grace to rebuild bonds of trust 
that together we may work  
for the dignity and flourishing of all; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.