Registered Charity Number 1132865

Parish of Cove St John’s, St Christopher’s and Southwood

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We recommend our local Christian café-bookshop, The Triangle at 64 Kingsmead, Farnborough (opposite Wilkinson)

St Christopher’s


Meets at St Christopher's Church, 55 Cove Road, Cove, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 0EX. See on a map where St Christopher's Church meets

What is St Christopher's church like?

St Christopher's is a warm, friendly church with Sunday worship suitable for all, and a social calendar of barbeques, skittles evenings and similar activities through the year to build up the fellowship. The growth of housegroup membership has had a very positive effect on the fellowship of the church. There are six housegroups attached to St Christopher's with a membership of over 50 in total. We run Christian basics groups regularly, most recently Alpha, and have also run Emmaus courses. St Christopher's also runs Sunbeams, our baby and toddler group.

Sunday worship at St Christopher's

The Sunday morning service is held at 10am. We offer a creche each Sunday. Seekers (Sunday School) and  Pathfinders (11-14 year olds)  regularly meet then too. We use a data projector for all the words and songs on Sunday mornings. We have a variety of musicians, and use both modern songs and older hymns.

Recent improvements to the building

In September 2006 the floor was completely replaced. The original seating has been replaced with good quality chairs and the walls re-painted; the chancel cleared of choir stalls, pulpit, lectern and east end altar, and a projector screen fixed to the wall. A dais has been built with a new nave Communion Table and lectern/preaching stand. This work has created a building which is safe, flexible, simple, free of clutter and suitable not only for Sunday services, but also a whole range of worship and other special events (St Christopher's hosts praise services, youth rock concerts, children's workshops, drama; Christian Aid events, agapes etc already: good facilities will make them better).

History of St Christopher's

St Christopher's, built in 1934, is situated in what older residents still refer to as the "village centre". Although there is not much of a village feel to Cove now, St Christopher's is located close to two pubs; a parade of shops and businesses and Cove Green (a public space). Cove Methodist Church is a few hundred yards away.

Other services held at St Christopher's

• Each Wednesday morning at 10am there is a simple Communion Service

We have many other services in the parish.

St Christopher's and the wider community

St Christopher's tries to be visible in the local community. We have good relationships with Tower Hill primary school as well as links with a local charity "Gateway", which leads assemblies and helps in RE classes in this school and others. We also have links with the local sheltered elderly housing scheme Stuart Jones House, and with two community homes for people with severe learning difficulties. Members of the church are involved in the two Churches Together in Cove community mission projects both of which meet in the Methodist Hall (about 100 yards from St Christopher's): the Cove Child Contact Centre (Contact Andrew Bunny)  which provides supervised visits for broken families when the courts have determined that this is appropriate, and Tuesday at Two which is a club for the elderly or lonely. Cove Parish also supports the Frimhurst Family Centre and Step-by-Step (formerly Emmaus Projects) at Harvest and Christmas and is a strong supporter of Christian Aid through the year.

Like to know more?

Just come along on a Sunday, or contact St Christopher’s by phone or email.


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